Root Cause Analysis

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The popular term Root Cause Analysis describes a wide variety of methods used to identify the causes of problems (tracing problems to their origins) and helps answer the question of why they happened in the first place, which in turn, helps us put measures in place to prevent recurrence.

At some point, every company encounters problems that need solving, whether they are of a catastrophic nature like a massive oil spill, or of a more common nature, like turn-around times that are slower than you would like. (If your operation has never encountered a problem, stop reading this immediately and head directly to Vegas because you've got some serious luck on your side!) However, for those of us who lack a lucky rabbit's foot, we need an effective, efficient and reliable root cause analysis method to resolve problems that have already occurred and to help prevent future problems.

Many of the Root Cause Analysis methods can be utilised in basic problem solving, however they have received criticism for being too basic and not sophisticated enough to analyse root causes to the depth that is needed to ensure that solutions are identified and the problem is solved.

At ARMS Reliability, we are firm believers in the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology. This particular Root Cause Analysis method is a logical, practical process that taps into the creativity inside each of us in order to uncover and implement the best solutions. We have seen this method solve real-world problems for numerous clients all over the world, in industries including mining, transportation, aerospace, petro-chemical, utilities, manufacturing, telecommunications and healthcare. 

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