Advantages of the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology

The core purpose of the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology is to solve real world problems faster, more efficiently and effectively at any time. There are many advantages of using the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology over other RCA methodologies.


Tick Create a common reality and gain buy-in from all stakeholders
Tick Eliminate recurring problems through identifying all the solutions
Tick Get a definite result - know when a problem is solved
Tick Students learn by doing with experiential training courses
Tick RealityCharting® Software to make documentation and reporting easier


Create a Common Reality

During an investigation using the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology, a RealityChart is produced showing all the known causes and their inter-relationships. Because all stakeholders can see these causal relationships in the Realitychart, buy-in of the solutions is readily attained. No longer is the best storyteller or the boss' opinion driving the investigation.


Eliminate Recurring Problems

Individuals trained in Root Cause Analysis will be skilled in identifying solutions that are within the organisation's control, prevent recurrence, and meet the organisation's goals and objectives.

Get a Definite Result - Know When Problem is Solved

Using the Apollo Root Cause Analysis method for your investigation results in clear causal connections between your solutions and the defined problem so you can be confident the problem is being directly addressed and will be resolved effectively.

Students Learn by Doing

With the ARMS Reliability training courses, students are immersed into the RCA, students are immersed into the method and discover firsthand how to effectively participate in, and facilitate, a root cause investigation. Students leave class armed with the prerequisite skills to solve complex or day to day problems; plus they gain the ability to use RealityCharting® software to create a RealityChart.


RealityCharting® Software

The powerful and easy to use RealityCharting® software allows users to not only document the causes and effects, with evidence, that make up an investigation, but also to produce a final report which allows others to easily follow the logic of the analysis. This software is provided to each student as part of training and there is also an Enterprise edition available.


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