The ARCA™ Method

The Apollo Root Cause Analysis method is a 4-stage process which facilitates a thorough incident investigation. It makes problem solving easy and gives those who have been trained the skills to solve real world problems faster, more efficiently and effectively at any time 



Within each of these four stages there are logical steps that guide you through the process of solving a problem.
The Apollo Root Cause Analysis method draws its strength from the way it approaches:

  • Problem Definition - uses a systematic approach to define the nature and significance of a problem to be investigated
  • Cause and Effect - improves your ability to recognize and describe cause and effect relationships
  • Charting - allows you to chart cause and effect relationships
  • Application - The Apollo Root Cause Analysis method can be applied to both day to day problems and catastrophic events through a range of practical activities
  • Solutions - uses a practical technique of identifying and evaluating proposed solutions with the goal of preventing recurrence

The logical and practical nature of Apollo Root Cause Analysis method is supported by use of the powerful and easy to use software tool - RealityCharting®.

Problem solving is generally understood to mean overcoming some kind of difficulty, but with the Apollo Root Cause Analysis method, you will see it is about controlling causes. The best solutions are often the least obvious. Like the sculptor's notion that the statue lies within the stone, many effective solutions are waiting to be revealed within an infinite set of causes.

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