Webinar: 8 Key Elements to a sustainable RCA Program

Have you spent a lot of money training personnel on RCA and not gotten the ROI you desired? So many organizations put a program in place only to find out that over time it slowly fades away.    

View our free on-demand webinar, 8 Key Elements to a Sustainable RCA Program, as Kevin Stewart, RCA Instructor / Facilitator for ARMS Reliability, reveals the common reasons why RCA programs get stuck in a rut, and proposes a methodology to ensure your RCA program delivers value.

In this 50-minute webinar, you'll gain insights and tactics to:

  • Get out of an RCA rut
  • Lay a good foundation for your program
  • Implement best-practice triggers, protocols, and standards
  • Utilize the best methods for reporting and tracking solution implementation
  • Measure the value of your RCA program

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