Human Factors Program Development

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The integration of Human Factors Analysis into the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology allows a deeper understanding of human influences and causality in problem solving. When systemic or organizational weaknesses are uncovered, we are able to recognize and correct sources of error before a major accident or failure occurs.

Leveraging the knowledge that emerges from a Human Factors program allows organizations to adapt and take measures to mitigate human error in the future.  

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ARMS Reliability has teamed with the Vetergy Group to provide clients with a comprehensive approach to solving human related problems. 

Our partnership integrates a Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) with a unique blend of consulting, education and software solutions including Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology and RealityCharting® software. Together, the ARMS team and Vetergy Group broaden the investigative platform and the depth of services available to our clients.

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We have well-defined process for helping organizations adapt HFACS into their organizational culture. While the process is flexible and designed to reflect the needs of each organization, an outline of our process will include:

Phase 1 - Program Analysis

  • Assessment of current policies and program, including current training practices
  • Development of an HFACS program plan 

Phase 2 - Development and Evaluation - A Pilot Program

  • Conduct pilot program
  • Introduce human factors classification (taxonomy) database - standardize nomenclature which enables long-term tracking for identification of safety trends
  • Identify human factors causation prevalent in organization
  • Identify need for organizational culture shift for long-term results
  • Evaluate the solution
  • Close any gaps - How can it be improved?

Phase 3 - Roll out - Implementation

  • Training of investigators in an instructor-led format
  • Implementation of HFACS software platform including human factors classification database
  • Communication of program so enterprise begins to operate in a database-driven HFACS environment

Phase 4 - Sustain Continuous Improvement

  • Ongoing review of investigation procedures and software use
  • Support, mentoring and feedback

Our instructors are available to serve as a team member of investigation teams if desired, assisting in the development of corrective actions

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