How RealityCharting® Helps

Download _trialSupports the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology

RealityCharting® guides you through each step of the Apollo RCA methodology by enforcing its unique rules check to encourage a thorough and accurate analysis.

Improved Efficiency

The amount of time spent in incident investigations is greatly reduced when RealityCharting® is used to facilitate and generate solutions.

Provides Standardization

RealityCharting® provides standardization and consistency in your incident investigation process by ensuring the method is being followed every time.


RealityCharting® is a powerful visual tool giving you the ability to quickly generate an understanding of interrelated causes and graphically link them in an automatically constructed chart.



RealityCharting® increases the quality of any problem analysis by providing guidance and structure absent in other charting software. Features:

  • Real-Time Rules Check Ensures Robust Quality
  • Attach Pictures, Videos and Documents as Evidence
  • Custom View Provides User Defined Formatting
  • Track Changes Tool Facilitates Team Collaboration
  • Accessible Notes Help Define Global and Local Detail
  • Unique Preference Settings Personalize Appearance and Features
  • Hide/Show Causes Tool Focuses Areas of Interest
  • Effective Solution Generation and Assessment Capabilities
  • Innovative Drag-and-Drop Functionality
  • Established Reporting Requirements