Enterprise RealityCharting®

RealityCharting® enterprise software is a unique problem solving tool used to implement and manage root cause analysis across an organisation.

Enterprise software resides on a user's server environment and displays the application through a web browser. This browser-based software can be accessed by many users across multiple desktop environments. Best for medium to large businesses who need to centralise the storage of many investigations.

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Software Configuration

RealityCharting® enterprise software is a java-based application utilising either Oracle or SQL Server databases and is available to customers supplying a J2EE production environment.

The standard is based on a Web server that provides Sun JDK or JRE with Java 1.4+, a Linux or Windows operating system, and an Oracle or SQL Server database.

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The RealityCharting® enterprise software can be customised to meet your needs and can be integrated with numerous applications such as a corrective action tracking system.


The RealityCharting® Enterprise version is available to customers purchasing a minimum quantity of ten (10) concurrent user licenses. Additional licenses are available in increments of 10 with progressively lower cost per license.

Maintenance Agreement

A software maintenance agreement is offered as a cost-effective proposition to receive committed service and support. The maintenance agreement ensures you are provided immediate technical support and are supplied regular software updates and upgrades.