I have attended the RCA Facilitator workshop and it is a "real eye-opener." One cannot fully appreciate the content of this course until you experience it.

- Field Safety Coordinator, Pilgrim Constuction Company

The Apollo Root Cause Analysis Facilitator  training course was great. Out of well over 200 classes I have taken in a 30 year aviation career, your class may be the best one I have ever attended.

- Maintenance Planner, Boeing

I completed another awesome RCA - Vacuum pump over heated to 180 degrees C on three occasions - I was able to identify eight root causes.I am now going to make it an annual performance requirement this financial year for my team to complete the Root Cause Analysis training course. Your teaching techniques really work and I liked your style. I think in 20 years of taking training your lessons are the ones that have stuck the most with me.

- Electrical Engineering Team Leader, The Bragg Institute

Problem solving is one of the most critical factors in improving customer satisfaction for our organization. This training session was an incredible opportunity for my team to explore a proven methodology to help us all to think and look at problems in a new way. I'm looking forward to my team and myself using this methodology to improve our application availability.

- Director of Information Systems, Prudential Insurance

 Thank you for the considered response to my Reality Chart, I appreciate the time you have taken to review it. The flash point temperature/heat generation/friction cause and effect relationship was the subject of much deliberation, and it's the sort of thing that becomes easier and more clear the more you are exposed to this RCA methodology. I received my certificate in the mail this week. Thanks again for the course and all the follow up!

- Graduate Reliability Engineer, Dampier Salt

Shell E&P has adopted the Apollo RCA methodology world-wide as our core RCA methodology… The methodology is scalable. It can be used for any size and complexity of problem/failure investigation… The Apollo RCA methodology works and will lead you to problem resolution.

- Engineering Advisor, Shell E&P.

Thank you for your kind help and time devoted. I totally agree with comments, especially on PPE and logical mistakes I've made. Will do lots more practice on RCA. I really enjoy the software. I'm sure this tool will definitely help my job. Again thank you very much and best regards.

- Sustainability Manager, Orica.

Just wanted to let you know that the course in Melbourne was fantastic.  Ned was great and kept us all awake and interested which is no easy thing especially after a carb loaded lunch. 

- Change Manager, Australia Submarine Group.

Again, thanks for your time and enthusiasm in the training as it makes a big difference in getting people engaged.

- Safety Engineer, Raytheon.

You might be pleased to know that a couple of the attendees have expressed how they have found the training to be exceptionally valuable. An engineer is currently using this RCA method for all his incident investigations and reports while a technician has expressed how this has even impacted his personal life. That technician has expressed how this way of thinking has helped him improve his relationships in the sense of asking questions to find out the cause before pointing fingers and letting emotions takeover situations.

- Continuous Improvement Co-ordinator, DownerEDI.

It is amazing the mental gear change you need to make in your thinking - once done and practised it would become second nature, but it really does take some rewiring to get it right first time. Once you have changed it things become robust in terms of explanation and interrogation and as you point out on the course, solutions follow easily.

- Maintenance Superintendent, Gold Miner.

I really enjoyed the course and did come away from the course with some useful information. Working with people in other more "higher risk" industries who regularly "problem-solve" was also a great help and benefit over the two days. I had found out about the Apollo method by word of mouth and started by reading Dean Gano's book "Apollo Root Cause Analysis - A New Way of Thinking" but found some of the "concepts" difficult to fathom. Attending this course has provided a lot more clarity.

- Support Systems Manager, Sugar Australia.

I learnt a lot about problem solving. I thought I knew how to problem solve but after experiencing a strategic process to follow makes a night and day difference to how I now look at problems. Also makes me more confident to take on the challenge of investigating any event; hopefully a simple one first though! Specifics and simplicity are my key take aways.

-  Graduate Reliability Engineer, BHP Billiton