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If your Root Cause Analysis efforts are not fully delivering on your goals and objectives, or if you are missing some of the key elements of an effective RCA program, it may be time for a formal Root Cause Analysis Program Assessment. ARMS Reliability can provide a 1-5 day assessment facilitated by one of our skilled and experienced RCA experts.

Your existing RCA program will undergo a maturity assessment to be used as a baseline to measure future improvements. Assessing your RCA program will identify gaps in your processes, evaluate the effectiveness of what you already have in place, provide written recommendations and next steps, and benchmark your organisation against other best-practice programs. Our team of experts is highly skilled and will deliver thorough, actionable recommendations in order to improve your RCA program.

The gap assessment will look for the existence and effectiveness of these key elements:

  • RCA Goals and Objective Alignment
  • Status of Current RCA Effort
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Formal RCA Threshold Criteria
  • RCA and Solution Tracking Systems
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Training Strategy
  • RCA Effort Oversight and Management
  • Process Mapping
  • Human Change Management Plan
  • Implementation Tracking