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The most comprehensive approach to problem-solving 

Pin-point the most effective solutions during a root cause analysis with RealityCharting. This clear visual tool is invaluable in finding cause and effect relationships, leading your team to resolution faster. RealityCharting delivers an effective problem-solving tool into the hands of every user. Use it to understand issues more clearly and identify solutions to prevent recurrence of those issues.

See examples of RCA Reports created using RealityCharting

With RealityCharting® you'll be able to :

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Improve efficiency

The amount of time spent in incident investigations is greatly reduced when RealityCharting is used to facilitate and generate solutions.

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Achieve standardization

With RealityCharting, your problem-solving processes become standardized and consistent. It provides guidance and structure to ensures the same method is being followed every time.

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Clearly communicate causes and effects

RealityCharting is a powerful visual tool, giving you the ability to quickly generate an understanding of interrelated causes and graphically link them in an automatically constructed chart.

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Support the Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ methodology

RealityCharting guides you through each step of the Apollo methodology, and its unique Rules Check feature encourages a thorough and accurate analysis.

Try RealityCharting® for 30 Days

We offer a full-featured version of RealityCharting to trial for 30 days.

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The Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ methodology and RealityCharting® software help resolve some of our most complex and longest running aerospace production and engineering problems. The solutions, delivered by ARMS Reliability, provided the structure and framework that helped me hone, and perfect my critical thinking and problem-solving skills, taking my effectiveness to the next level.

Jennifer MacKay
The Boeing Company