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Course Overview

  • A 1 day introduction to effective problem solving and root cause analysis.
  • This is a perfect first course in effective problem solving for anyone in a managerial or supervisory role and a required course for managers who participate in a Root Cause Analysis
  • The students will learn how to apply RCA to both simple systems and complex groups of systems.

Course Key Learning

  • The students will learn the Apollo Problem Solving methodology. They will work several instructor - led exercises that build upon each other to learn how to identify causes and to recognize the difference between actions and conditions.
  • The students will be exposed to a new way of thinking about a problem and learn a step by step method to solve any problem the work place can present.
  • Each module builds upon the progression of effective solution generation in an approach that complements the RCA method facilitator course.

Course Modules

  • Problems types
  • Problem Definition - What When Where
  • Why "who" is not important
  • Causes and Time Lines
  • 5 Whys and Beyond
  • Cause and Effect Charts
  • The need for evidence
  • Solution brainstorming
  • Solution Qualification
  • Selecting Effective Solutions!